Add All Three



to the Equal Opportunity Act - Campaign


Add all three!


What are the three additions? Add All Three seeks to include three groups left out of the protection of a unique national human rights institution, the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC). Civil society organisations are championing proposals, which the EOC has been making since 2011, to be given authority to receive discrimination complaints based on: age, health conditions, and LGBTI+ status. The EOC is charged by law with recommending updates like this to the Equal Opportunity Act.

What is the EOC? Access to very few international human rights mechanisms is available to individual Trinbagonians bringing complaints and it’s quite costly to seek redress from our local courts. One exception to this for the past decade has been the Equal Opportunity Commission and Tribunal, which together safeguard rights by receiving, conciliating and adjudicating complaints of discrimination in accommodation, service provision, education and employment, on specific grounds. There’s no cost or lawyer needed to file an EOC complaint. However, under the Act, the EOC can only receive complaints related to sex, race/ethnicity, disability, origin, religion and marital status, and no new statuses have ever been added.

So how do we Add All Three? The EOC and the Office of the Attorney General have already drafted the legislative amendment to Add All Three. What's needed is a cross-section and coalition of supportors to apply pressure on the AG to prioritise introducing this amendment.

What does a champion do?

  • List your organization as a champion

  • Mobilise support within your particular networks, and recruiting other champions

  • Promote the campaign on social media, e.g. by recording challenge videos

  • Voice one of the slots in our proposed radio ad campaign

  • Get faith leaders on board

Who has supported adding all three?

Both the American Chamber of Commerce of T&T and the Amalgamated Workers Union have been leading champions of adding all three. A campaign which a group of NGOs—the Association of Civil Society Organisations of T&T, the Caribbean Centre for Human Rights, the CEDAW Committee of T&T, the Family Planning Association, the Living Water Community, Mental Health Matters, Squeaky Wheels and the Women’s Institute for Alternative Development, and others— have engaged in around the UN Universal Periodic Review included adding all three.

Adding all three has been a recommendation of human rights bodies at every human rights review T&T has undergone at the UN or OAS since 2000.

The Add All Three campaign is being coordinated by the Alliance for Justice & Diversity, a coalition of social justice organisations that includes CAISO: Sex & Gender Juice, Friends For Life, I Am One, Silver Lining Foundation, T&T Transgender Coalition, WOMANTRA and Women's Caucus of T&T.