Profiles of the litigants in McEwan v Attorney General of Guyana

 On February 6, 2009, seven persons were arrested under the 1893 Summary Jurisdiction (Offences) Act section 153 (1) (xlvii) for being a man, and in any public way or public place and for any improper purpose, appearing in female attire, which is a summary offence.


In 201o, four of the arrested persons--Quincy (Gulliver) McEwan, Seon (Angel) Clarke, Joseph (Peaches) Fraser and Seyon (Isabella) Persaud—and SASOD brought a constitutional claim that, among other things, the law was inconsistent with the Guyana Constitution 1980.

On 12 November, 2018, : The Caribbean Court of Justice ruled that the cross-dressing laws are unconstitutional.



Isabella (Seyon) Persaud


Pheches (Joseph) Fraser (read more.)





Gulliver (Quincy) McEwan (




Angel (Seon) Clarke.. (read more.)

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