Love | Hope | Community Sexualities & Social Justice in the Caribbean

Sargasso Cover

“… This collection focusing on Caribbean Sexualitities and Social Justice across the region offers a space for reflection, sharing, and exchange. We feature related content already published in print but published online for the first time, alongside new materials and resources. The print edition of the Sargasso Journal (released in July 2016) includes a detailed introduction that describes the history of the collaboration between the Caribbean IRN and Sargasso and provides an overview of the scholarly and creative pieces in the journal. Here, we present that introduction, as well as a selection of the formidable collection, along with additional materials collected and curated for an online space. The Caribbean IRN considers the arts to be vital, and we are proud to include here a conversation between two artist-activists: the legendary Puerto Rican choreographer Arthur Avilés and the provocative Dominican performance artist Nicolás Dumit Estévez. And we are also thrilled to include a powerful collection of poems by the fierce Puerto Rican writer and activist Yolanda Arroya Pizarro, whose work is transgressive and affirming of same gender love and desire. These featured online selections offer a vital engagement with LGBTQI activists and artists in the Spanish speaking Caribbean…”

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