Men Speak Up! Video PSAs

A Sexual Culture of Justice project launched “Men Speak Up! – Champions Against Gender Based Violence” during #16DaysofActivism 2018. “Men Speak Up! – Champions Against Gender Based Violence” is a series of short public awareness videos created through GBV Training Workshops as an activity of “A Sexual Culture of Justice” Project. The GBV awareness and transformational training workshops were led by a team of people from The UWI Institute for Gender and Development Studies, Say Something T&T, and CariMAN (Caribbean Male Action Network). The goal of this activity and the media created is to empower men to become champions against gender based violence and challenge harmful gender and sexual norms within peer groups and the wider community.

The training workshops focus on how men can be partners in stopping GBV, including breaking down sexist behaviour, checking their own behaviour and relationships for signs of abuse, building alliances with women, speaking up and calling out sexist behaviour among friends. The training also focused on community organising and engagement skills through Kalinda as a source of empowerment to speak out and step up against violence and to handle one’s own emotions.

Some of the men who completed the training worked with a filmmaker and facilitation team to collaboratively script and create public-service video messages on GBV. The process of creating the videos and pitching ideas to each other resulted in a series of videos and a campaign call to #PullUpYuhBredren.

This campaign encourages men to speak up against gender based violence, to counter the silence of bystanders, and to call out harmful behaviours and attitudes. And the campaign calls upon us all to break the silences and for men especially to step up and promote zero tolerance against gender based violence.

Campaign Memes

#EndGenderBasedViolence #PullUpYuhBredren #SexualCultureofJustice

#OrangetheWorld #HearMeToo #16DaysofActivism

#LeaveSheAlone #ConsentSpecialist #ConsentisEverything