Lifestories of LGBTQI+ Persons in TT

This research activity is led by Friends for Life and IGDS. The research team recently completed the review and summary of findings – of 18 Lifestories collected from working-class LGBTIQ people – that offer reflections on experiences with family, support systems and violence, as well as an assessment of needs and ideas for social change and transformation. The psychosocial and socioeconomic information, experiences with GBV and other forms of violence and policy concerns informs the development of the Policy Agenda. The Lifestories offer much important and needed research not only for the policy agenda but also an opportunity to present the findings in different ways.

The Lifestories research team gathered so much data that we need more time to fully engage and represent it in sensitive, ethical and responsible ways that will support the community. Given the post-decriminalisation backlash, it is now more important than ever to document the violence and discrimination faced by the community, especially those most marginalised in terms of gender identity and socio-economic status.

The Research Team completed data coding and analysis and will produce one main findings paper and additional publications that reflect the depth and range of data collected. We are working together to co-author publications and also create the online open access selections of the Lifestories using the Knowledge Portal.

Policy Agenda 2.0 advocacy will feature 13 Lifestories in Jan-March 2021 (and beyond the project). Data analysis and final report by March 2021.

Online Webinar via IGDS Lunchtime Seminar held on 2nd December 2020 (during 16 Days of Activism) highlighted key findings: