Transforming Each Others Advocacy

The “Transforming Each Other’s Advocacy” Action-Learning Course was a 6-month action learning course held from October 2019 to March 2020 in collaboration with UNAIDS Caribbean, Lloyd Best Institute, and two other EU-funded projects (Veni Awpan – CSOs for Good Governance; Cropper Foundation – CSOs for Good Environmental Governance). There were 22 participants and 7 facilitators representing 18 organisations/coalitions from a wide spectrum of civil society working on human rights, social justice, governance and development. The course included five day-long sessions (with specialized workshops on Governance and Mobilisation, and Communication and Advocacy Capacity Building), as well as mentorship coaching and collaborative decision-making on funding and support for several action campaigns.

For more information regarding the Five TEOA Action Campaigns launched during the project CLICK HERE.


“It has been, quite frankly I think, the most important period of my career as an advocate. I learned so much from the other groups and advocates who were involved. Not just about how other types of advocacy can work, and the challenges of other types of advocacy but I also learned a lot about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and how best to channel my energy in the most productive and effective way as an advocate and how best to support others in civil society in their own advocacy work.”

“Not very often do I get to sit in a room with various stakeholders from a wide range of organizations. It really was an eye-opener for me in terms of the work that those other organizations do and the challenges that they face and how similar those are to the challenges that I face in my organization.”

“The Advocacy Support Group been phenomenal because it has helped to validate our experiences as leaders in the sector and to address some of the issues that we have that nobody else ever asks about. So like even now, in this time of [COVID] crisis, we’re reaching out to each other to support each other through whatever we’re going through.”